Hi! I’m Girlwithnoname and I live in Vancouver, BC Canada.
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I’m a self-professed fitness junkie and enjoy a whole lot of working out. I really do not like going to the gym at all, so have found some pretty great ways to work out hard without doing the gym thing.

My workouts include (but are not limited to): Endurance Running (my first love), Weight Training (official 2nd love), HIIT (including wind sprints, hill sprints, & endurance running incorporating hills), and yes, even some long duration steady-state cardio like powerwalking. I've almost worn out the seawall here in Vancouver all on my own with all the cardio I do there! When circumstance (like mostly weather) won't allow for an outdoor cardio workout, I'll even go so far as to climb the stairwells repeatedly in the high-rise apartment building I live in.

I have a great set of weights and fitness bands at home (including a pull-up bar I had installed), and regularly weight train hard with my own music blasting (I don't even have to plug into an mp3 player) right in my livingroom. Doesn’t matter that it’s a small space, I have no problem getting a rockin' hard workout and feeling that burn.

As far as I'm concerned the possibilities for working out and being super-fit without ever hitting the gym are endless!


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