Will “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” give you a six pack? Does Mike Geary know what he’s talking about?
Before you buy it, give this a read. Fitness Junkie Girlwithnoname gives it to you straight.
The TRUTH lies here…

Is Mike Geary Telling the Truth in “Truth About Abs”??




The ABSOLUTE Honest Truth About “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”




Ok, so let’s forget the preamble and cut right to the chase here:
IS Mike Geary telling the Truth??

In a word: YES. … but WITH AN EXCEPTION!Truth About Six Pack Abs

And trust me, it’s an exception you really should
know about up front. But before we get into the
exception to the rule, let’s talk about the rule:



Look, I’m no dummy when it comes to fitness. I know my way around a gym, and have been a member of one for more years than I care to mention.


And, although being pretty smart about working out and being fairly regular about it, I’ve never ever been able to actually SEE my abs.


I tried everything (at least I thought I’d tried everything):


I tried cutting calories DRASTICALLY (can you say “starving”?).


I tried spending virtually HOURS at the gym DAILY, doing hundreds of reps & sets, uncountable hours of cardio and what was probably THOUSANDS of crunches in the hopes of burning more calories, cutting fat and finally finding those abs.


I beat myself up for years trying this trick and that trick, hoping that something would make a difference. Nothing ever did.


And don’t even get me started on all the diets I tried. I don’t even want to go there.


No matter what I did, my abs stayed buried under a
layer of fat I just couldn’t budge.

I was almost about to resign myself to the belief that “You can’t fight genetics. I guess

that’s just the way MY body will always be. So I may as well learn to accept it the way it is.”


Finally, I wised up and started looking around the internet in hopes of finding something NEW.


I looked for a long time and considered a lot of books. But I just didn’t know which one would be the best investment and I only got more and more frustrated... so many options… TOO many options … I just didn’t know which way to turn.

UNTIL I stumbled upon “Truth About Six Pack Abs” by Mike Geary.

Just the title alone filled me with hope. Bottom line was I wanted to know the truth (if it existed) and that’s what Mike promised to deliver.


So, acting only on blind faith I bought it.


I’ll admit I was skeptical. I mean, what could Mike Geary possibly say that I didn’t already know from my own past experience? It arrived in my email inbox almost immediately after I ordered it and I sat down at my laptop on my patio to start reading it that afternoon.


To say I was transfixed would be an understatement. By the time I looked up from my computer the sun had gone down and it was dark out. I read the whole thing in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down.

The gems Mike Geary imparts in this book are astounding, groundbreaking and, quite frankly… MINDBLOWING. There are theories and exercises in this book I’d NEVER HEARD OF before!!

I could see the value and truth behind everything he said right off the bat. I knew I’d gotten lucky with my very first eBook purchase and started working his theories, programs and nutrition advice immediately.



BOTTOM LINE:Get Ripped Abs

Does Truth About Abs deliver on its promises? YES!

Did I find my abs? YES!!

Have I maintained them? YES!!! (for several years now)

Do I still refer to and use Mike Geary’s book?







Truth About Abs is my Fitness BIBLE.


I’m giving you guys the honest truth here so I’ll even tell you that once I achieved my goal and found my abs (thanks to Truth About Abs, just to be clear), I figured if the first book I read was THAT good, there must be lots of other really great books out there.


So I started buying and reading anything I could get my hands on … and trust me, I read a LOT of books and I spent a lot of money.


Anything that looked good, had an attractive picture on the cover, had a compelling title or made promises about fat loss, muscle building or getting in shape, I read it. NAME SOMETHING and I probably read it.


Did I find anything out there that was as good as Truth About Abs?


Yah, I’ll admit there are some other ‘good’ books out there, and in my quest for knowledge I did stumble upon a few pretty good books … they aren’t ALL crap (but some of them definitely are).


But AS GOOD AS Truth About Abs? NOPE!! Sorry. Like I said before “Truth About Abs” is my BIBLE, and it has become the BENCHMARK against which I compare ALL OTHER FITNESS BOOKS!


Now we get down to the real nitty gritty.

What is wrong with Truth About Abs? Anything? YEP.


First you need to know this about me: I’ve personally decided that I hate going to the gym. I don’t like the crowds and waiting for the equipment to be free, nor do I enjoy big sweaty dudes beside me grunting away (and smelling bad to boot).

So, I’ve ditched the idea that you can only get a good workout at the gym and I’ve devised some great ways to work out at home, even in a tiny space.

NOW, in the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE I’m even going to tell you guys this: This book could use a tweak or two when it comes to implementing a few of the exercises for use when working out at home in a small space with minimal equipment.

BUT, I’ve figured out how to modify some of Mike Geary’s moves. I’ve modified those that work well if you’re in a commercial gym but not so well in a home set-up.


Truth About Abs

As a matter of fact, when I first started working with Truth About Abs, I was working out ONLY in my tiny apartment in the city. I hadn’t been to a gym in several years when I bought Truth About Abs, and I never once stepped foot in a gym for a single workout that led to my being able to truthfully proclaim that I’d met my goal and found my abs.

All my workouts were (and are) done in or around my home using Truth About Abs as my guide. Yes, I modified a few of the exercises to work for my space and equipment but they still work AS EFFECTIVELY as the unmodified moves would in a commercial gym.



And that’s the 100% honest truth.


As a matter of fact, once I found my abs, I got so damned excited about the fitness industry I decided to get into it myself!! I now have many clients that I teach my methods to, and always make sure they get a rocking workout right in their own home, regardless of the size of their space.

And let’s face it, you guys: In this economy, who can afford an expensive gym membership anyway? Getting fit has never seemed more out of reach financially… at least in a gym. Am I right??

SO, as a special thank-you to Mike Geary for his kick-ass book, which has done so much for ME personally, I have a special time-limited offer for YOU!!

If you buy his book from the link below now I will extend to you for FREE a personal one-on-one coaching session via Skype (or some other voice or video enabled chat program) after you’ve read the book, to let you in on my secrets of how to modify the exercises that you need modifying for your own home workouts.

Heck, even if you DON’T work out at home and still want to know my tricks, the offer stands. That’s a FREE one-on-one coaching session with me about your workout regime and how to maximize your efforts to reach your goals most successfully using the exercises in Truth About Abs.


... but I totally understand if you don't need the coaching session and just want to get started NOW. If that's you just go here to order yours immediately (otherwise, read on):



Order "Truth About Abs" NOW!!!






ALSO: I just had a quick conversation with Mike to tell him what I’m doing here and he told me he has a whole bunch of bonuses himself to send you to say thank you for ordering his book!! It’s over $150 worth of stuff!!! You’ll see them all once you get to his order page… it will knock your socks off!


PLUS he’s knocked off over 30% from the price of all three of his packages: Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate. He wouldn’t tell me how long he’s going to offer these deals so I’m thinking that RIGHT NOW is probably the best time ever for you to get this book.


Oh, and by the way, I recommend at LEAST getting the Deluxe package with the book. I’ve looked at all three packages, and all of them are great deals but I think the bonuses offered by Mike in the Deluxe and Ultimate versions are worth the extra couple of bucks. Especially since he’s knocked so much off the price … for now.



This is how it works: Buy the book from my link below. Then just send me a copy of your receipt using the contact link at the bottom of this page* so I can get in touch with you to set up your complimentary coaching session (to confirm: you will not talk with an agent or anyone else, you will speak directly with me)!


So just buy the book from my link below and I’ll show you all my tricks!


Order "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" Here!!



How Long Can I Continue This Offer??

Let me be clear, I’m ONLY doing this because I believe in this book THAT much.


Truth About Six Pack Abs



BUT beware:
I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this offer up. I expect the demand to be overwhelming and I can only handle a few calls each day so eventually I’m going to have to take this offer down to free up my time to concentrate on other ventures. Make sure you lock in now while the offer is still running.

Oh, and now let me tell you something I really shouldn’t be telling you at all:


If my paying clients find out about this I expect to have NO CHOICE but to take down this offer IMMEDIATELY … I really don’t want them to find out that I’m giving away to YOU for FREE what they’re paying $100 per hour for!!


So hurry up, ok? I’m genuinely not sure this is even a good idea on my part!! I’ll have some serious explaining to do if my paying clients DO find out about this.


But, as long as this page is online the offer is available so if your receipt shows today’s date, YOU’RE GOLDEN.


Click Here to Order

"The Truth About Six Pack Abs" NOW!!*



Trust me, if you want to get into the best shape of your life, this book is the solution. There is no way for you to regret giving it a shot.

It really is within reach…

Your Friend and Fitness Coach,

Girlwithnoname believes in Truth About Abs

ps. remember, this kind of coaching session runs my regular clients $100 per hour… but I’m giving YOU this coaching session 100% for FREE.


pps. hey actually, do you mind not spreading this around? Keep this offer to yourself, ok? I’d hate for word to get back to one of those clients I just mentioned! If they find out about this I’m in some serious trouble with them! So, shhhh…!! Thanks for understanding.


* go here to send me your receipt and claim your bonus coaching session



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